Sunday, 6 September 2015

Book review

Book review
No safe harbour-David Hill
non-fiction book with fictional characters.
Genre- Mystery...

The book No safe harbour is about the sinking of the Wahine. The Wahine sank in 1968 on Barrett reef near Wellington harbour. The wahine sailed from Christchurch to Wellington in horrible weather, it was one of New Zealand's most horrible storms. Fifty One people died when the ferry sank and hundreds were injured.

The characters in the book are twins, Stuart and Sandra. They are both teenagers who were coming home to their dad who was in Wellington after going to their grandads funeral in Christchurch. Their grandmother told them before they went on the boat to stay with each other and look after each other, They didn't at first… Little did they know, they were about to suffer and fight.

The book was amazing! I really loved the plot of the book and i learnt a lot about the Wahine too. I couldn't put the book down and i'm not that kind of person that keeps reading and reading. I would actually read it again!

I would recommend this book to everyone! It was not only entertaining and awesome to read, it was spine chilling and that got my absorbed into the book and it will get you absorbed too! It may be a bit inappropriate for 8-10 year olds just because it gets a bit gruesome and a little bit too descriptive but other than that it's fine.

The message the author probably wanted to put across is not to give up and have hope in yourself, you never know when you will have to put yourself to the test, do things you never thought you could do.

   By: Laura Mather

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