Monday, 23 June 2014

The scream painting!
The scream painting
The scream is an iconic painting painted by Edvard Munch in 1893. The point of the painting is anxiety. Anxiety is a thing when a person gets stressed or worried I think… the picture looks like a man with his hands on his cheek screaming!
The painting is very descriptive; it is textured with oil, pastel and tempera. It is painted on cardboard.
I like the scream more than the Mona Lisa because it looks more textured, but that’s my opinion. Even though the Mona Lisa is more famous the scream is more like a book. The painting is on the cover and on the inside there are all sorts of mysteries! I think the scream is a little funny but it still has a meaning.
Edvard Munch died in 1944, at the age of 80. He had more the 1,008 paintings, 4,443 drawings and 15,991 prints! These were recovered in the Munch museum in Norway.
The scream painting was sold for more than $119,992,600 which was a lot back in those days, it still is now too!

Edvard Munch was a strange man, mainly all his paintings were based on death or sicknesses. I’m not saying anxiety is a sickness though! He was never married so he called his paintings his children; he hated to be separated from them.

I love the scream painting because it is much textured and quite cool! It inspires me to paint more and craft as well!

By: Laura Mather :) 


  1. nice and that's a lot of money!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this information about 'The Scream' painting Laura. Art work can be interpreted in so many different ways. I have learnt some new facts from your report and look forward to reading more of your blogs Laura.