Thursday, 23 April 2015

100th anniversary of ANZAC.

Watching people screaming in horror as they watch their loved ones drift away.
The mothers eyes watering in pain.
The children whine as they see their fathers marching off slowly in single file lines.
Then the orders are called,
The pain slides down into a never ending portal of sadness.
No one is safe... Someone or something will harm or change you.
I saw a little boy that escaped his mother and ran up to his father.
He ran with his arms out, reaching out for a hug.
That really made me anxious and upset!
Why is this happening?
When will this end?
To be honest, I want those guns dropped.
I want the tanks to run out of petrol.
I want the soldiers to stop and put their arms out, maybe even say "hello" to the enemy?
But that will never happen...why is there no peace between country's? This will go on for a long time.