Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Basketball finals!

 I had an amazing season! We won the intermediate girls basketball section 32-15 against OIS!
I had so much fun this year and i hope i have fun next year too!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


In the 1800's, Vikings were the rave; everyone was talking about them, Not in a good way though. Vikings are soldiers that usually are leaded by the king. They killed so many people just to suite their self's. Back then, you needed good land to farm and live; the Vikings didn't have good land so they moved to towns and villages. Of course there were people living in the town so they killed them. They went to farms and villages to raid and kill people. Some Vikings turned on each other suddenly, they started killing each other. Some of there victory's are celebrating by huge feasts. They also went to villages and towns to find silver not gold...why? I don't know... 
Vikings were very dangerous and were not approachable, they were brave but not kind... I would not want to see Vikings in our town!

Character description- No Safe Habour

No Safe Harbour
character description.

Stuart was the person who acted like he knew anything and everything,his sister usually catches him out by asking him a question that he doesn't know the answer to.

His sister was Stuart's twin,her name was Sandra.

On the ferry,the Wahine; Stuart stuck to himself. He didn't want anything to with his sister when she was trying to flirt with these university students…

Stuart was very particular about himself. He always thought nothing of a disaster, like the storm that was going to drown the ferry. He thought highly of people; people who smile at him or talk to him. Stuart was a kind-hearted and brave person. He never puts himself before others and he made sure everyone is safe and happy.

Stuart almost drowned when he was chucked off ship by strong winds and a slippery deck. Sandra dived in and got him up on the lifeboat; Sandra saved his life. Sandra acted differently towards Stuart when she was by people she wanted to “impress” but when she wasn't, she was a caring person, always smiling!
Sandra and Stuart were more braver together.

Stuart was that kind of person that you could approach easily,he was a life saver, a hero...

By: Laura Mather.