Monday, 25 May 2015

Steampunk photos!

A few of us went to steampunk HQ a while back for our inquiry projects! I really enjoyed going there! Here is a few photos that I took when I was there! Also a photo of me and my cousins inquiry project!!!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Balloon cars!

Siva and Maddison's balloon cars for science! For testing they made it slide down the stair railing! It almost poked me in the eye!

NYLD 2015- Recount story!

“Sometime you win, sometimes you learn, but you never fail.” That is was and now is my most favorite quote of an truly inspiring day! The NYLD experience was not only awesome but also inspiring to us year eight leaders! We left school on a bus at 7:45 to go down to Dunedin and the class was really noisy and i had a headache because i can't handle mornings that well… anyway!

We arrived at the Dunedin town hall at about 9:00 and there were heaps of kids there! Then we went into the hall and waited for it to begin. I was so excited! Niveek was taking a whole lot of selfies which was a bit awkward! But we were enjoying ourselves! Then the music came on, a huge glow up thing came down from the roof, Then the presenters came out! They then explained what was happening for the day.
The first person came out to talk to us, the person was named William Pike. He has a fake leg! we is an adventurer and a teacher! He was one of my favorite speakers of the day!

Another one of my favorite  speakers was Steve Gurney. He has won the coast to coast 9 times!!! That is what you call commitment! Since i'm quite sporty i really enjoyed his speech!

I had so much fun at NYLD 2015! That will be my favorite memory of term 2!
By: Laura!

NYLD 2015

As year 8 leaders we had the opportunity to go to Dunedin to be apart of the NYLD experience! I will post a story about it in more depth soon!