Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Saint Veronica

Saint Veronica

saint veronica was the lady who was brave enough to wipe Jesus` forehead when he was carrying the cross up the hill before he was crucified. She is now called veil of veronica (after the cloth) and saint veronica.

Veronica was very brave and confident, there were heaps of people in the crowd shouting “crucify him!” but she went up and wiped Jesus` forehead. But when she took the cloth off his head Jesus` face printed onto the cloth! She was very scared but she was brave!

I think that Veronica was a very brave and confident because she was the one the helped Jesus out of all of those people! She was the one that stood up for what she believed in!
By: Laura!

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  1. Fantastic, Laura. You picked an interesting, lesser-known figure from Holy Week to focus on. Well done on thinking reflectively about Veronica.